Ardan Ozmenoglu

Ardan Ozmenoglu was born in Ankara in 1979.
She is a versatile contemporary artist focusing on painting, illustrating and creating objects.
Ardan’s work involves a lot of mediums like Post-It® notes, neon lighting and large-scale glass sculptures.

Her playful work, ripe with sociopolitical commentary, challenges the viewer to reconsider familiar images, products and ideas.Have a look at the video below where Ardan speaks about her exhibition project Ottoman Paper Carpets in 2016.


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Ottoman Paper Carpets from Lisa Langmantel on Vimeo.

She cleverly uses ubiquitous items like Post-It® notes to create pieces of art that unite seemingly opposite ideas: the past and the present, art history and contemporary art trends, creativity and consumerism, repetition and individuality, the whole and the fragmented. She combines the centuries-old practice of printing with modern colors, glitter, paper, and images. Her brightly colored, bold art forces the viewer to regard everyday objects and ideas in a different light. The result is anything but predictable. Since her first exhibition in 2006, her unique work has been featured in over forty exhibitions in the U.S. and abroad including Istanbul, Berlin, and Croatia. So far, she has exhibited over 40 artworks all over the world.

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