Renata Darabant

“The more languages ​​you speak, people you meet and places you travel to, the more people you become. That is, different ways of thinking combine inside of your own self.”

Sounding too simple at first, the content of Darabant’s work focuses on artistic reflection of the world. She tackles scientific questions and fundamental aspects of life such as belief and perception directly. But, in her work for At the Printing Table, which consists of new, brightly coloured, abstract works, here, freed from motifs, motivation itself becomes the protagonist. This dynamic embeds what is depicted in a constant process that affects both the artist’s actions and the viewer’s ways of seeing.


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Different formats and printing techniques are put into dialogue with one another in order to focus on the changeability of perception and thereby, the changing effect this can have on the beholder. Ink is applied layer by layer in these brightly coloured works, exposing processes and affording a glimpse into the interior. Darabant’s fine paper shapes interact with the viewer to create reciprocal relations – the installation plays with states; the state of mind or mindset of the viewer and the empathy involved in a situation where art is viewed by an audience. It almost seems as if the works absorb what they experience, the thoughts, reactions and vibrations of the visitors, these fine Japanese paper objects moving like clouds and swaying to the rhythms of art being processed by an other.


Text by Paula Marschalek.

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