Screen printing studio
in vienna

Viadukt, founded by Bernadette Meisel in 2008, is an open screen print studio where artists can realize screen print projects, find community, and grow opportunities to sustain creative lives. In the facilities of the screen print studio artists are free to use full equipment, technical support and the open atmosphere, in order to pursue their creative work.

About the printshop  

The cultural exchange is encouraged by classes, artist residencies, the At The Printing Table exhibition series and the sale of artworks. Thereby the independent organisation creates an important junction for artists, collectors, museums, galleries and educational institutions to access and experience contemporary art.


Bernadette Meisel
Founder and Printer
Bernadette Meisel founded the workshop in 2008 and have been printing with and for you the last few years. She studied art and design education and fell in love with screen printing a long time ago. She has been learning printing during her studies and was interning and assisting at the Lower East Side Print Shop NYC 12 years ago. Besides her responsibilities for the studio and the exhibition series At The Printing Table she is an art educator and mother.
Lena Heinschink
Print and Projectassistant
Lena Heinschink joined the studio in February 2022. She has been studying Architecture and Site-Specific Art and is contributing her knowledge in printing ever since as a project and printing assistant.