Our passion is printmaking. We love pigments, papers and materials, we share a vision of artistic prints as a special, intimate and accessible medium. And we enjoy the materiality of good printmaking — at a time when many experiences are moving into the digital space, a genuine work of art is a haptic object of artistic creation.

From this follows that we produce all prints ourselves, hosting artists sessions in our studio in Vienna. We are constantly expanding the boundaries of technique and exploring the possibilities of artistic expression in graphic art. We do this with various edition modules: Viadukt Editions, Special Editions and Artist Statements Merch. With the purchase in our shop you support artists and us in the continuation of our projects.

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Viadukt Editions

Viadukt invites artists to our studio in Vienna where they work with master printers to create an original screen-printed edition. Our Viadukt Editions are made during artists residencies or the ATPT feature in a limited print run, one color at a time, and are hand-signed and numbered. The artists we publish range from established to emerging; the prints however are of a uniform price and format. This affordable nature is your invitation to discover the artists we have curated for you.

Special Editions

Special editions are published and printed by Viadukt master printers in collaboration with curated artists. The edition size is often smaller and the physical size of the print is always 50 x 70 cm.


  • Ardan Ozmenoglu
  • Axel Schindler
  • Elisa Alberti
  • Golif
  • Jasmin Schaschl
  • Käthe Schönle
  • Madita Kloss
  • Magdalena Kreinecker
  • Mariella Lehner
  • Marlene Hausegger
  • Nanna Prieler
  • Pippa Parragh
  • Renata Darabant
  • Sieglind Gabriel
  • Sophie Dvořák
  • Thomas Rhube
  • Z

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