Here you will find frequently asked questions and the relevant answers. If something still seems to be unclear, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Questions about print jobs

What can be printed on?  

We print on a wide variety of materials: from paper, canvas, cardboard, wood and cardboard to metal, glass and, of course, textiles.

What inks do you use?  

We work with solvent-free printing inks based on lightfast colour pigments and various special colours (phosphorescent and fluorescent colours, various metallic and prismatic colours as well as gel inks). Even a white print on a black background is no problem.

What about the print run size and format?  

Single-colour screen prints up to a format of 80 x 100 cm can be produced immediately. Special formats on request. Multicoloured screen prints up to a format of 60 x 85 cm can be produced immediately. Special formats on request. We print single pieces as well as small to medium sized editions.

What do you mean by small to medium-sized print runs?  

Viadukt offers space for small to medium sized print runs as everything is printed by hand and needs space to dry. We are happy to accept orders between 1 and 300 pieces, but the maximum number of pieces also depends on the format of the print medium.

How much do 20 prints on paper cost?

The cost of a print job depends on many factors – such as the size of the print run, the choice of ink (special ink and ink application) or the size of the motif. Therefore it is not possible to give a general price. Please send us an email with a sketch of your motif and we will get back to you as soon as possible with an offer.

What colour specifications do you need?  

In order to reproduce the colours as you wish, we need the colour values as pantone values. We can mix these colours quite accurately from our paper and textile colours, unfortunately this is not possible with CMYK or RGB.

Payment of print orders  

For print orders we will send you a quotation in advance, once you have accepted it, we will order the materials and implement the order. We will send you an invoice by email at the latest when you pick up the finished print media. All payment terms are stated on the invoice.

Cancellation of print orders  

From the moment materials for the order have been ordered or other preparatory activities such as the preparation of films or screens have been carried out, we will have to charge the costs incurred up to that point.

Can I have my own screens coated and exposed by you?  

Yes! We expose your screen frame: from 40,00€ for e.g. A4
We coat and expose your screen frame from 45,00€ for e.g. A4
We decoat your screen frame: from 20,00€

I would like you to expose my motif on my own screen. What do I have to consider?  

Before you come over, please send us an email! Then we can have a look at your motif and decide together which screen you need. Please do not send us your motif as a word file! So: send us an e-mail with your motif attached and tell us on which material you would like to print (colour of the material, type of textile, type of paper, etc.)

Do you have opening hours? Are tours possible?  

There are no regular opening hours. However, visits are possible after making an appointment with us by e-mail.

Questions about screen printing classes

Payment for classes  

After a definite class registration email via the website, we will send you a personalised invoice. The terms of payment are clearly stated on the invoice.

Reservation of class spots  

Participation in the class will only be reserved if the course fee has been paid within three working days after invoicing.

Cancellation of already booked class spots  

In case of cancellation up to fourteen days before the beginning of the course, the total amount will be refunded. In case of cancellation seven days before the beginning of the course, 50% of the course amount will be charged. For later cancellations, 100% of the course fee is due. You are welcome to pass on your workshop place, in this case please write us a short email.